Data source: PennDOT. Map by Todd Vachon. Last updated December 2014.

We mapped out all of Pennsylvania's structurally deficient bridges. Zoom in on your city or town, then click each dot to see a bridge's ratings, owner, posting status, age and more.

Some things to note: 

Bridges are rated on a scale of 0-9, with 0 being the worst. Each section of the bridge — superstructure, substructure, and deck — is rated separately. If any one gets a rating of 4 or below, the bridge is structurally deficient. The map colors reflect each bridge's lowest rating.

"Culv" stands for "culvert," a tunnel that allows water to flow under a road or railway.

"Posted" means weight-restricted.

"Public private partnership" bridges (the green dots on the map) will be fixed under a new state program that speeds up the bridge-building process. We talk more about that program in the second installment of our bridge series. Click the "visible layers" rectangle on the upper right-hand corner of the map to show these bridges separately.

This map is part of a Keystone Crossroads series on the state's bridges