• July 20, 2017

    Refugee education lawsuit will cost Lancaster schools more than $600K next year

    The city of Lancaster resettles a lot of refugees for a community of its size, and various stakeholders have long collaborated with the district for s...
  • June 27, 2017

    Why is Pennsylvania called a commonwealth?

    Ever wonder about something you see or hear in the region that you wish our reporters would explore? Now's your chance!
  • June 7, 2017

    Push to eliminate Pa. property taxes would have major implications for schools, prioritizing homeowners

    School property taxes are often a sore subject for Pennsylvania homeowners, who've seen rate increases grow faster than the state's economy ...
  • June 5, 2017

    Thousands of Pa. voters disenfranchised?

    Thousands of Pennsylvanians who filed voter-registration applications last year may have been unable to vote in the presidential election because the ...
  • June 5, 2017

    In Pennsylvania, cities struggle to provide safe, clean drinking water

    More than 30 percent of the state’s water systems aren’t as resilient as they need to be.
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